Improve the spreading system

The quality of the polyurethane foam for sandwich panels produced continuously is strongly dependent on the control of the wave. If the speed of the line is not well controlled and if the contact point of the wave with the top of the facing is not well positioned the mechanical properties of the produced panel decrease considerably.


The spreading system mostly used mostly used at present is the « Poker », a rake which oscillates in different speeds from left to right and from right to left of the panel. We settle generally a covering around 60 % on the return to the rake. This system contains numerous inconveniences: the distribution is very difficult to make homogeneous, make it cover the foam tends to crush cells in formation of the first passage and the wave is not uniform, thus difficult to adjust.

The novelty is the foam fix dispenser, he allows of landing all these problems. The foam is put down on the lower facing in a uniform way and allows of this fact its free expansion. We obtain a homogeneous, well distributed foam and a clear and constant wave. This wave is of this fact easier to control, the global quality of the panel is largely improved. This system needs no movements, so it’s maintenance free. This system is dsc03774.jpgcodsc05797.jpgmpatible with all existing lines. 

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